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Party & Conference Q&A

Q.Can we use Internet connections in the banquet halls?

A: Wired LAN
Use of internet access in all banquet hall is available at all times. (Surcharge)
Also lending of hub by number use of PC (surcharge)
Please contact your representative for more information.
wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)
Broadband connection is available by using the (PC with built-in wireless LAN card / PDA), wireless LAN-compatible terminal. You will be able to access the web site and / or e-mail via a comfortable high-speed internet access.

Q.We intend to hold a party. What kinds of dishes are recommended?

A: Karasuma Kyoto Hotel provides directly-managed restaurants that include Japanese and Chinese cuisine, so that each restaurant can propose their recommended dishes according to the party hall and the style, covering from a few members to a large number of attendants. Try to taste various party dishes that our master chef recommends with his utmost confidence.
Go to Menu (cooking performance) for more details

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