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Setting options

Introducing halls based on frequent use for similar occasions, and as such from characteristics of interior and facilities.
Available performance depends on installed facilities in halls. Please contact us for more details.


Availability from large halls used as a lecture-style workshop to the compact halls casually used as off-site meeting rooms.
In the halls that can be divided into two rooms, by setting workshop and preparation rooms, or workshop and party rooms simultaneously, a smooth procedure can be realized.

Recommended halls

Internet line overview

a. About line
Format ●Wired LAN (For 1 hub unit. Up to 7 PCs can be connected.)
Price for use banquet halls(1day)
Charge:¥6,000(¥6,480) ※ 7 hubs are the charge no charge.
●wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) Charge :Free
Type Optical line
Communications speed Maximum 100Mbps (best-effort connection) *Actual speed may be less at times based on the wired environment and/or due to line congestion.
b. The number of LAN points installed in the hall
Zuiun,Soubu 4 points
Sansui 2 points

High-speed Internet connection service /Wireless LAN (for banquet halls)

High-speed Internet connection service is available in all banquet halls at our hotel.
Wired and wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) are available.

wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)
Broadband connection is available by using the (PC with built-in wireless LAN card / PDA), wireless LAN-compatible terminal. You will be able to access the web site and / or e-mail via a comfortable high-speed internet access.

How to use ・・・・
Please use the values we offer and specify the SSID/WEP keys for wireless LAN service.

Charge ・・・・ Free

Connectable number・・・・
3F Zuiun Up to about 100 units.
  Sansui Up to about 50 units.※Hall/Up to about 25 units. (At the time of 1/2 division…About 25 for 1 room)
2F Soubu Up to 100 units. ※Hall/Up to about 25 units. (At the time of 1/2 division…About50 for 1 room)
※If you are using at the same time there is a case where the connection state is bad.

Compliant with the standard for IEEE802.11a/b/g/n.

Please prepare a wireless LAN equipment that corresponds to the standard.
Encryption security supported.
Provides a secure communication environment.
VLAN and security response by Interconnected and cut off communication between computers are, privacy protection will be maintained.

The environment・・・・・
Corresponding to a VPN connection.

For the use of the VPN, we use the NTA feature. Therefore, please use the VPN connection device that supports NAT traversal.
However, there is no guarantee that it will support all types of VPN connections.
Also, it does not correspond to connections that require a global IP address.

Wi-Fi connection service standards, communication speed
※ Communication speed isn't guaranteed.

・When you use it, much more please prepare a PC or a TAPURETTO terminal corresponding to the wireless LAN you have.
・To avoid the wireless LAN equipment you bring in and the problem by which a VPN network is the chemistry, when inspecting, I'll recommend to have a terminal and test beforehand.

※ Please consult rental of machinery and materials separately.


From a large scale of events, including solemn memorial ceremonies and receptions using the stage, to presentation-style parties like karaoke. We also arrange colorful displays including table flowers and welcome boards.

Recommended halls






Widely available for various occasions: seasonal convivial parties, year-end and New Year parties, gatherings for family and relatives, and dinner with close friends.

Recommended halls


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