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Restaurants&Bar Q&A

Q.Do you have any parking service when we dine at a hotel restaurant?

A: The parking entrance is beside the front of the hotel (the clearance is 3.0 meters).
We issue a free parking ticket (for 2 hour use at lunch time, and for 3 hours at dinner time) for a guest who uses one of the hotel restaurants.
*Please note, if parking is full, we will introduce and assist you to a city parking lot near the hotel.

Q.How about the cancellation charge?

A: Please contact us two days prior to the scheduled day of your reservation if you need to cancel. We generally don't apply a cancellation charge; however, a cancellation charge may be applied in the event that a special menu was requested, or for a group of guests. For more details, please consult us by phone.

Q.Can we use a private room?

A: There are 4 private rooms for up to 5~32 persons at the Chinese restaurant "Toh-Lee".
There are 4 private rooms for up to 4~20 persons at the Japanese restaurant "IRIFUNE".

Q.Do you have chairs for children or special menus for children at the restaurants?

A: We have chairs for children, but no special children's menus.
However, we are ready to make special meals for children based on request.
Please feel free to make any requests to our staff.

Q.Do you have non-smoking seats at restaurants?

A: There are non-smoking seats at the Chinese restaurant "Toh-Lee" and the Japanese restaurant "IRIFUNE".
The bar "Anchor" contains smoking seats.

Q.I don't stay at the hotel, but can I use a restaurant?

A: Our restaurants are popular with many people, including local citizens.
Please feel free to visit us.

Q.I made the reservation on the Internet, but didn't receive a confirmation e-mail.

A: For Internet reservations, we have an auto-reply email system set so that an e-mail is sent to the address you have entered.
If you don't get the auto-reply e-mail, it may be because of wrong e-mail address registration or the PC environment.
If you don't receive a confirmation e-mail after reservation, please contact us by phone.

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