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This page includes information about amenity goods and equipment in the room, payment methods, and parking.
*If you have any other questions/concerns beyond those mentioned on this page, please contact us from the page "Accommodation Q&A", or via the inquiry form or phone.

Business Booth on the lobby floor

Two computers are now available for information gathering of sightseeing, business matters
or others at the business booth on the lobby floor!
  • The business booth is available 24 hours / day at free of charge.
  • Print out (charged)
  • Photocopying / Colour Photocopying (charged)

Foreign Currency Exchange Machine

  • Business Hours:9:00~21:00
  • Location:1F Lobby
  • Currencies Accepted:US Dollars/ Euros/ British Pound/ Canadian Dollars/ Australian Dollars/Chinese Yuan/ New Taiwan Dollars/ Hong Kong Dollars/ Korean Won/ Singapore Dollars/Thai Baht/ Malaysia Ringgit
※Into Japanese Yen only.(You cannot exchange Japanese Yen into other foreign currency.)
※Bills only. (Exchange using coins is not possible.)

Smoking room

2F there is a smoking room in the lobby.

High-speed Internet connection service [In all in the hotel]

Wi-Fi Connection Service

Enjoy convenient access to internet through Wi-Fi system now available in all facilities in the hotel. For business or for sightseeing, you can surf and communicate with your own Wi-Fi devices through seamless internet connection.

■ Areas Available for Wi-Fi Connection within the Facilities
  • All guestrooms (wired LAN is also available)
  • Hotel Lobby
  • All banquet halls (wired LAN is also available)
  • All Restaurants

■ Devices Compatible for Wi-Fi Internet Connection
  • PC with WindowsXP OS and above or Mac OSX and above
  • PC with built-in wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) adopter
  • iOS devices enabled for wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) (e.g. iPhone, iPad, etc.)
  • Android devices enabled for wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) (e.g. smartphone, tablet PC, etc.)

■ Wi-Fi Connection Standard & Speed
  • The connection service is in conformity with IEEE802.11a/b/g/n.
  • Connection speeds are in conformity with the IEEE802.11 respective standards (a, b,g and n).

Service Details
High-speed Internet access service throughout the whole building.
※You can use this service for business and entertainment.
※We use the best possible system. However, it does not guarantee the communication speed.
Available equipment
Both wired and wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)
  • PCs equipped with OS, Windows XP or newer, or Mac OSX or newer For wired LAN

For wired LAN
  • Wired LAN adapter (pin RJ45) built-in PC

For wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)
  • Wireless LNA (Wi-Fi) PCs with built-in adapter
  • iOS LAN equipment compatible wireless (Wi-Fi) (such as iPhones and iPads)
  • Android equipment with wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) (such as smartphones and tablet PCs)

Wi-Fi connection service standards, communication speed
  • Compliant with the standard for IEEE802.11a/b/g/n.
  • The communication speed is compliant with (IEEE802.11a/b/g/n) standards.

Use of the connection in your room
  • Wired and wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) are available free of charge.
  • You can use wireless LAN by connecting the LAN cable which each room is equipped with. For wireless LAN, if you connect to the access point (SSID) and start your browser, you can access to the Internet.

Use of the connection in the lobby on the first floor or in All Restaurants
  • Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) Is available.
  • Please contact the staff.

Use of Wi-Fi in the banquet hall
  • Wired and wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) are available.
  • Please contact a sales representative or staff member.

Upon use of this service, please note on the following points
  • For the use of the VPN, we use the NTA feature. Therefore, please use the VPN connection device that supports NAT traversal.
    However, there is no guarantee that it will support all types of VPN connections.
    Also, it does not correspond to connections that require a global IP address.
  • There may be cases when you cannot use your e-mail due to the limitations of the e-mail address you use.
    Please check the website of your contracted provider beforehand.
  • Wi-Fi connection service can be used near the access points (where the SSID is transmitted) in the hotel.
    However, you may not be able to use the service if the Wi-Fi signal can not be maintained smoothly.
  • We advise that you should prepare security settings, such as anti-virus software at your own risk.
  • For the security reasons, we regulate communications between each room. Please note that communication between rooms is impossible.
  • Please refrain from illegal acts such as sending mass spam emails and using illegal file-sharing software.
  • If the transmission of the suspicious data is found, we will stop this service.
  • Please note that we are not responsible for any losses or damage caused by unexpected stoppages or defects in the service.

Internet Access

All rooms offer fiber-optic broadband and full Internet connection free of charge.
Computers are not available, so please bring your own laptop if you wish to enjoy Internet access. A free Internet space is also available next to the reception desk.

TV viewing

Terrestrial television is available free of charge. Furthermore, as the VOD (video on demand) system exists in all rooms, you can purchase a specified "room theater receipt" (¥1,000/card) and watch any movie among the 150 titles at anytime during your stay on the day of purchase (until the check-out time).

Amenity goods and equipment in the room

[Amenity goods]
Toothbrush, Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Razor, Shower cap, Body soap, Body sponge, Hair brush

Slippers, Yukata, Towel set, Dryer, etc.
Feather pillow can be switched to soba shell pillow. (Reservation required)
Other than the above aforementioned items, a humidifier and table lamp (Reservation required) are available for rent from the front desk.


Our guests can use the hotel parking at a rate of ¥1,500(tax included) per night.
We don’t accept reservation, and give our hotel guests first priority for parking.
*The parking entrance is at the front of the hotel. The clearance is 3.0 meters.
Please note, if parking is full, we will introduce and assist you to a parking lot near the hotel.

About accommodation with children

The room rate is free for children if they share a bed with parents.
*If you wish to use a baby bed, please contact us in advance.(available for newborns and older. Limited number)
No surcharge will be applied for a baby bed.
*If you use an extra bed, there is no special rate set for children, and it is the same as for adults (¥2,310: tax included).
Please note that baby beds or extra beds may not be able to be installed depending on the room type.

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